Frontend Developer

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Frontend Developer

Job description

Required attributes



As a social startup, we care about people, we are all driven by a positive social impact. We are also a very dynamic environment, where things can change quite fast, making it a great place to grow and learn. Finally, we are searching for someone who has a very keen sense of accomplishment, that feel the need to see the work done.

  • Having impact

  • Growing

  • Accomplishment 

If what you care most about are stability, prestige and short-term career progression, there are great opportunities in the market, but we cannot promise you that.






You must be a self-starter. You will be given general goals, and it will be up to you to figure out how to accomplish them in terms of implementation. This requires high-level of creativity and ability to deal with uncertainty since the situation changes quickly.


You must be a team player. This is not just an empty slogan. You must be comfortable with constant brainstorming, whiteboard sessions, and interactions with people both inside and outside the development team. 


You must be flexible. Although you will mostly work on front end development, in a startup everyone wears many hats. You have to be able to enjoy task versatility, and you cannot expect a rigid job description that always stays the same.


  • Self-starter

  • Team player

  • Flexible & Versatile




Building technology in 2019 is a process of constant learning. There is an open source library or a relevant cloud tool for almost any project you might want to do, and new ones appear every single day. In order to move quickly, it is important to avoid reinventing the wheel, so you must be constantly reading, learning, downloading, installing, experimenting. 


  • Open source

  • Development tools and products

  • Experimental attitude 


Language skills

On our diverse team you must feel comfortable with: 

  • English: Written & Verbal 

  • French is a plus



 • Deep understanding of HTML / CSS

 • Familiar with React/Redux architecture

 • Experience with GraphQL is a plus

 • User level knowledge of Linux/Unix environments

You will be reporting to Andrei Vazhnov, Chance CTO.