Product Designer (UX/UI)

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  • Paris, France

Product Designer (UX/UI)

Job description


Contract a hands-on product designer that will pair with our front-end developer, so we can evolve our digital product in a steady way. A pragmatic creator that will be responsible for the details of our users’ flows and interfaces. Managed by our design strategist.


We are looking for:

  • Problem/solution mindset

  • Tactical and action bias

  • Pragmatic approach to challenges


We do like but aren’t looking for:

  • Aesthetic master

  • Strategic and idea bias

  • Conceptual approach to challenges


  • 6+ months full-time contract
  • Based in Paris
  • Salary to be defined based on experience


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Required attributes



As a social startup, we care about people, we are all driven by a positive social impact. We are also a very dynamic environment, where things can change quite fast, making it a great place to grow and learn. Finally, we are searching for someone that has a very keen sense of accomplishment, that feel the need to see the work done.

  • Having impact

  • Growing

  • Accomplishment 

If what makes you move are things such as stability, prestige and short-term career progression, there are great opportunities in the market, but we cannot promise you that.




From a Product Designer we expect...

… a high level of openness to experience:

  • Curious

  • Creative

  • Insightful

… a moderate level of extraversion:

  • Active

  • Assertive

… a strong consciousness in order to keep a good development flow:

  • Self-disciplined

  • Organized

  • Achievement oriented

.. some agreeableness in order to deal with a dynamic startup pace:

  • Humble

  • Collaborative




Someone deeply connected with the artistic world, where you can explore and challenge ideas in order to create something new. 

  • Creative 

  • Intuitive

Someone that can balance the artistic side with a realistic approach, since a startup needs to test and learn

  • fast.

  • Practical

  • Self-reliant

Might seem controversial, but for this role some good dose of interest in conventions would also be appreciated to keep a good flow with our tech team. 

  • Attention to detail

  • Precise

  • Orderly




Task based skills

As a designer…

… your talk in behalf of our users:

  • HCD Mindset (Human Centered Design)

… you are in charge to apply and defend design principles such as:

  • gestalt laws

  • color theory

  • typography conventions

… You may also feel comfortable running user research and testing, but it’s not crucial since you can learn it from our design and data people.

  • Qualitative user research

  • Quantitative user testing

As product designer…

… you should master flows, tools and basic implementation:

  • Application design / Component based UI 

  • Integrated design stack (Sketch, InVision, Abstract, your tools...)

  • Good knowledge in prototyping

  • Basis in front-end (anticipate feasibility)


Cognitive skills

On our diverse team you must feel comfortable with: 

  • English: Written & Verbal